Permanent Stay Visa ( KITAP )


Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP) in Indonesia 

Permanent residency in Indonesia, often referred to as "izin tinggal tetap," is a legal status granted to foreigners allowing them to reside indefinitely in the country. To obtain permanent residency, individuals typically need to meet specific criteria set by Indonesian immigration authorities, which may include continuous residency, financial stability, and a clean criminal record. Permanent residency offers various benefits, including the ability to work, own property, and access certain social services without the constraints of a limited stay visa. However, the process of obtaining permanent residency can be complex and may involve thorough documentation and verification procedures :

Family KITAP

Joining family members residing in the territory of Indonesia.

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Foreign Investor KITAP

Foreign investor kitap is a type of residence permit granted to foreign individuals who make direct investments in a country

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Retirement KITAP

Retirement KITAP refers to the policy or regulation in Indonesia that allows foreigners aged 60 years or older to reside in the Indonesian.

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Working KITAP

Performing a job in the mining sector in an employment relationship with a guarantor.

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