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(Digital Nomad)

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How to apply for and the benefits of a remote worker (digital nomad) visa in Indonesia

The Visa is a multiple entry visa that is valid up to 1 year. Remote workers (digital nomad visa) in employment relationships with companies that are not domiciled in Indonesia.


The prices for your E33G - remote worker (digital nomad) visa

E33G - remote worker (digital nomad)

IDR 10.000.000

IDR 9.500.000

Valid up to 1 years

Prices above exclude:

PayPal 5% fee.

$150 Indonesia visa application fee.


Please check the several informations for E33G - remote worker (digital nomad) visa


  • Up to 1 Year.

Processing time

  • Up to 40 Business days.

With this visa you can

  • Carry out assignments from overseas company.
  • Bring eligible family to live in Indonesia.
  • Travel to and from Indonesia.
  • Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.

You must

  • Comply with laws and regulations.
  • Respect local customs, culture, and wisdom.
  • Have sufficient living expenses while in Indonesia.

Other information

  • Staying in Indonesia over the period of your stay permit, engaging in prohibited activities, not complying with visa conditions, and/or not complying with Indonesian laws may result in you paying fines, being deported, and/or other legal charges.
  • In addition to the electronic limited stay permit, the limited stay permit also has a physical card available at the immigration office.
  • You are prohibited from selling goods or services.
  • You are prohibited from working by receiving compensation, wages, or any similar from individuals or companies in Indonesia.

Document Requirements

  • Passport valid for at least 6 (six) months.
  • Personal bank statement with minimum amount USD $2000 or equivalent the last 3 months period (including name, date of period, and balance account).
  • Recent photograph.
  • Bank account that proves income in the form of salary or income worth at least US$60,000 per year;
  • Employment contract with a company established outside Indonesian Territory that clearly states that your position is as a Remote Worker.
  • Certificate Incorporation of company established outside Indonesia.

Visa Validity

  • This visa must be used to enter Indonesia within a maximum of 90 days from the date of issue.
  • Please note that the validity period of the visa is different from the period of stay, please check your visa for information on the period of stay.

Payment methods

We accept PAYPAL (5% Fee and using our fixed rate). Paypal is a third-party payment method.

We accept Direct payments at the Bali Visas Office.

The prices stated in this document are current and valid as of the specified date.

Processing of your application will commence only after the funds have successfully cleared
into our account.

Please be aware that international bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to clear in Bali.

Expedited Kitas processing service is available for an additional cost.

Visa On Arrival (VOA) cannot be changed to another visa or Kitas onshore.


  • Payments can be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.
  • Prices are as per the date on the document.
  • Processing will begin once funds have cleared into our account.
  • Price does not include Residency Certificate (SKTT), please click here to learn about the Residency Certificate (SKTT).
  • Domicile letter is only required upon Kitas renewal or address change (prices does not include variable Banjar donation).
  • SKTT is only required upon Kitas renewal or purchase of vehicle.

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