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Please carefully read and comprehend the ensuing terms and conditions before engaging in transactions with our service-based business. Your utilization of our services implies an agreement to abide by these terms and conditions :

By using Bali Visas services, you consent to receiving and responding to all communications related to your inquiries or transactions electronically. This includes emails, texts, WhatsApp, and through the Bali Visas website (Balivisas.com). Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that any notices, disclosures, terms, and conditions provided to you electronically (via email, text, WhatsApp, or the Bali Visas website) hold legal validity and meet the necessary legal criteria for written communication.

Our application policy

We are constantly monitoring and following the Indonesian Government and Immigration policies and regulations.

After we have received your application, all required supporting documentation and your payment has been made, we will immediately start your application process. Once it has begun, the process cannot be halted or canceled.

After your application has been submitted to the immigration system, we are unable to refund your payment.

Only under special circumstances can a portion of your fee be refunded.

Denial of your visa application by Immigration will result in a refund minus our 10% administration fee and Visa fee.

To protect your privacy and confidentiality, we are unable to discuss any application process with a third party unless written consent is provided by the applicant or the legal guardian(in the case of a minor under 18 years of age).

Bali Visas Policy

While staying in Indonesia, it is your responsibility to bring your passport to one of our offices to submit for extension 14 days before your visa expires.

A third party has no right to hold your passport. After Bali Visas receives your passport back from the immigration offices, we will notify you immediately and only hold it for 3 days, after which point you must collect it or be subject to a fee. You will need to advise us from which of our office locations you will collect your passport or instruct us to resubmit for your next extension.

Once you have collected your passport from Bali Visas, and while it is in your possession, it is your sole responsibility to return it to us for future renewals and extensions. Bali Visas will not be held responsible for any overstay penalties which occur while your passport remains in your possession.

Furthermore, Bali Visas cannot proceed with any Visa or Kitas services until all required documents have been provided and payment has been made.

While staying in Indonesia, it is your responsibility to understand and follow all visa-related immigration laws and regulations.

Customer Declaration

I confirm that the information I have provided herein is true and accurate. I confirm having a clear criminal record and will abide by Indonesian Government laws while in Indonesia. I will not perform any work without a legal working permit (working Kitas) and understand the implications of non-compliance. It is my responsibility to inform Bali Visas of any address change that I make during the validation of my Visa or Kitas.

Authorization and Agreement

I hereby authorize Bali Visas to act on my behalf and provide any required information and legal documents necessary for the application process. I understand that my acceptance of this registration allows the use of my personal information for processing current and future services. I understand that Bali Visas is an external agency and while it follows all the required
rules and regulations set forth, visa approvals are ultimately determined and decided by the Immigration department of Indonesia itself. I understand it is my responsibility to remain aware and maintain the legal status of my visa and not overstay beyond it's validity. I accept personal liability for any bills or penalties incurred from any visa overstay or none compliance with all Indonesian laws and regulations.

Privacy Policy and Communication

I consent to the collection, use, handling, and disclosure of my personal information as per Bali Visas' privacy policy. I also agree to receive electronic communications for customer service, promotions, offers, and market research.


For our clients who have made payment(s) for their chosen application (s), please remember to save the receipt/ proof of payment in case any error occurs in our payment verification system.

For any questions relating to service and payment, please contact our customer service department at info@balivisas.com

After we have received payment, we will immediately process your application.

Please read the terms and conditions of the Application Policy as it relates to the application or cancellation process.

Please read the Refund Policy as it relates to the conditions of the refund.

Please read the Privacy Policy as it relates to all privacy and confidentially matters.


  • Clear Service Descriptions: We will provide precise and comprehensive descriptions of our services, encompassing scope, deliverables, pricing, and any applicable terms or conditions. It is your responsibility to thoroughly review and understand these descriptions before utilizing our services.
  • Communication and Updates: We will maintain open and transparent communication with you throughout the service engagement. You must promptly provide any requested information or updates that is necessary for the successful completion of our service.
  • Dispute Resolution: In the event of a dispute, kindly contact us before initiating a chargeback. We strive to address and resolve issues fairly and promptly.
  • Refund Policy: Our refund policy, if applicable, will be clearly stated and easily accessible. Requests for refunds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, following the terms outlined in the service agreement.
  • Cancellation and Rescheduling: If you wish to cancel or reschedule a service, notify us within the stipulated timeframe as per the service agreement or contract. Depending on the circumstances, cancellation or rescheduling fees may apply.
  • Fraud Prevention Measures: We employ security measures and anti-fraud protocols to safeguard customers and prevent fraudulent transactions. Any fraudulent activity attempts will be reported to the authorities.
  • Cooperation with Chargeback Investigations: In the event of a chargeback, you agree to cooperate fully with investigations conducted by us or our payment processors, including providing necessary documentation or evidence.
  • You agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set by our payment processors. Violations may result in additional fees, restrictions, and increased chargeback risk.
  • By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions to minimize chargeback occurrences


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