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Most Frequent Questions for Visa and Kitas Holders

Offshore (Outside Territory of Indonesia)

Q : How long the validation of my visa?
A : The e-visa will have 90 days validity to enter Indonesia from the issuance date and you will receive a 60 days visa to stay upon arrival.
Q : How long the validity of my passport to entry Indonesia? 6 months or 12 months from entry?
A : Based on the current regulations, it is kindly advised that the minimum required passport validity for entry into Indonesia, as well as for visa extension purpose, is a duration of 6 months from the intended date of entry.

Onshore (Already Inside Territory of Indonesia)

Q : Is it biometric required for extension? Because we have done extension for many times
A : For voa Extension yes , each extension will need to do biometrics, for b211a visa for every 1st extension
Q : Can I travel outside of Bali without a passport?
A : Yes, you can travel anywhere in Indonesia without a passport if you have a clear picture of your passport and visa stamps with arrival dates. We also provide you with a statement letter stating that your passport is with immigration.
Q : Can VOA holder stay more then 60 days without leaving Indonesia
A : Unfortunately, for VOA holder maximum stay is for 60 days included extension and will need to leave the country.
Q : To start the extension process at the office, do I need to book an appointment or can I just walk in?
A : You can just walk in between our office hours, for our main office Kerobokan: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and our branches Canggu, Berawa and Uluwatu office Monday to Friday 9 am- 4pm.
Q : Is it possible if I did my extension out of Bali?
A : Yes, for the VOA you can come directly to the immigration office , for the B211A visa would be possible with sponsor letter providing by us and need to make sure with the local immigration there.


Q : Can I extend the KITAS from overseas
A : unfortunately, it will not possible, for the KITAS extension Physical passport and Biometrics is required

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