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How to register a Foreign Investment Company in Indonesia (PMA)

A PMA (Foreign Investment Company) is the establishment of a business in the Republic of Indonesia designed for foreign investors. It can be created using full foreign capital or partially with a domestic investor.

Once you have your own PMA you can apply for a foreign investment Kitas under your own company.

As the director or commissioner, you can legally manage your company with a Kitas.


The price to start your foreign investor company PMA

Formation of Foreign Investment
Company (PMA)

IDR 25.000.000

Prices above include:

All company formation documents.

Government approvals and business license.

Federal company tax file number.


Please check the several informations for foreign investor company PMA

Processing time

  • Up to 30 business days.

Document requirement

  • Bali Visas application form.
  • Choose company name (provide 3 different name options) and business address.
  • Select business purpose/ business category.
  • Choose shareholders and percentage share allocations.
  • Execute company deed of establishment with the notary. 
  • Scan of the identity and signature pages of shareholders' passports (no photos, must be a color scan).

Price above exclude

  • NPWPD (regional tax registration) - IDR 1.000.000.
  • NPWP (personal tax registration per shareholder) -  IDR 1.000.000.
  • LKPM (investment activity report - required every 3 months) - IDR 2.000.000.
  • RUPS (modifications of shareholders agreement) - IDR 8.500.000.
  • Virtual Office (if required) - IDR 6.000.000/year.

Payment methods

  We accept PAYPAL (5% Fee and using our fixed rate). Paypal is a third-party payment method.

We accept Direct payments at the Bali Visas Office.

The prices stated in this document are current and valid as of the specified date.
Processing of your application will commence only after the funds have successfully cleared


  • Once the deed of establishment and company registration documents are issued (after
    approximately 30 days), trading may begin.
  • Additional regional and federal operational licenses may be required according to your
    specific business purposes and are not included in the above-mentioned price. For example
    (but not limited to) alcohol, medical or pharmaceutical sales.
  • All company deeds and permits are published in Indonesian.
  • Monthly or annual company tax reporting is the responsibility of the majority shareholder. We
    are happy to refer a qualified tax consultant as needed.


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