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This report can be filed through the OSS system. It covers the realization of capital investment, employment absorption, production of goods/services, and company obligations. In broad terms, it is a report on operational and construction costs.

Investment Activity Report (LKPM)

LKPM (Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal) is a report that businesses in Indonesia need to submit regularly to the government to inform about their investment activities. The reporting period for LKPM is every three months, namely:

  • Reporting from 1st to 10th of April
  • Reporting from 1st to 10th of July
  • Reporting from 1st to 10th of October
  • Reporting from 1st to 10th of January of the following year


  • IDR 2.000.000/report

Processing Time

  • 14 business days

With this report, you CAN

  • Report all investment activities, including capital expenditure, land acquisition, machinery purchases, and construction projects.
  • Provide updates on the status of ongoing projects and any changes in the investment plan.
  • Include information about the number of employees, both local and foreign, hired during the reporting period.

With this report, you CAN NOT

  • Miss the submission deadlines. Reports must be submitted on time to avoid dis-active of the company


  • 3 months

Document Requirements

  • Finance report (Report on the amount of capital or expenses already realized for company development)


  • Please be aware that international bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to clear in Bali.
  • Please be aware that business day does not include public holidays and weekends.
  • Processing of your application will commence only after the funds have successfully cleared into our account.

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