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An Indonesian Passport (Paspor Indonesia) is an official travel document issued to Indonesian citizens for international travel

Indonesian Passport


Standard Passport

  • IDR 850,000 - Regular
  • IDR 2,500,000 - Priority (count the day of biometric)

E-passport (with biometric data chip)

  • IDR 1,600,000 - Regular
  • IDR 2.900.000 - Priority (count the day of biometric)

Processing Time

  • Regular price takes up to 14 business days
  • Priority price takes 1 business day

Document Requirements (for Adult Passport)

  • Akta Lahir atau Ijazah terakhir (Original Birth Certificate or last Educational Certificate).
  • Kartu Keluarga (Original Family Card).
  • KTP (Original Indonesian ID card).
  • Surat Domisili (Domicile letter - if the Indonesian ID card is not issued in Bali); if a domicile letter cannot be provided, there may be an additional cost.

Document Requirements (for Child Passport)

  • KTP orang tua (Original Indonesian ID card of both parents).
  • Kartu Keluarga (Original Family Card).
  • Akta Lahir (Birth Certificate).
  • Akta Perkawinan atau Akta Cerai (Parents' Marriage Certificate/ Divorce Certificate).
  • Copy of parents' passport (if any).
  • Supporting Document for:
    • Tourism: Surat Keterangan Kerja(Letter of Employment)/ Kartu Mahasiswa (Student Card).

    • Employment: Surat Rekomendasi dari Dinas Ketenagakerjaan (Recommendation letter from Manpower


  • Please be aware that international bank transfers can take up to 5 business days to clear in Bali.
  • Please be aware that business day does not include public holidays and weekends.
  • Processing of your application will commence only after the funds have successfully cleared into our account.

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